Dare to Dream the Impossible!

It was the 18th of April 2013, I stood there on the bottom steps of the stage, in a long black gown and cap. I listened to the voice over the speakers, awaiting the sound of my name being called to walk up and receive my university diploma. It had been a long 3 years studying at the University of Waikato and as I shook the hand of the Vice-Chancellor, I looked out to the large audience seated in the arena, hearing the cheers of my family.

I had finished with a bachelor of media and creative technologies, with a double major in design media and creative practices. A lot of memories flooded through my mind as I thought back to both the good and bad times of this journey. The feeling of accomplishment was great, knowing that I had battled through and managed to come out with pretty decent grades and a degree at the end of it. As part of my schooling I had been blessed to be part of a Scholarship program which provided support for students that had excelled in an art or sport, in their academics and through leadership in the community. It was named the Sir Edmund Hilary Scholarship Program after the first man to climb the highest mountain in the world; Mt Everest.

Sir Ed had always supported those students who excelled and tried to reach their full potential in all areas. He believed that the "impossible is a summit to be conquered". He is right of course. Each of us have so much potential. After all, we are all sons and daughters of a Heavenly Father. People had always told him that his goal to climb to the top of Everest was impossible to achieve and yet with enough work, preparation and passion, he achieved the impossible.

The message I want to share is to not be afraid of your potential. Believe in yourselves. Believe in not only who and what you are now but in what you have the power to become. We each have a divine potential and our Heavenly Father knows what we are capable of. Have the courage to dream big! Set goals and push yourself through the tough preparation and work required to achieve your goals!  Your dream may seem as impossible as reaching the top of a mountain, but as you take the journey and tackle each peak one at time, you’ll eventually get to the top. Don’t let the trials along the way stop you from reaching your full potential. Go forward with full confidence and faith, relying on strength of the Lord. When you endure the journey and make it to the top of any mountain, you’ll find the view is always beautiful, knowing you conquered what may have seemed impossible.

Graduating from University was only the beginning of my Journey, the first peak of the mountain as it were. I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead as I make my way up the mountains in my life and dream of the day when I can see the view from the very top.  

  • The song I am featuring today is a song my brother Adam and I composed called “The Otherside”. It talks of believing in the impossible and was composed to hopefully inspire those listening to dream big and push to greater heights. Take a leap of faith into the unknown universe and FLY!