Crossroads of Life

At one stage or another in our lives, we will each find ourselves standing at a crossroads at which we are to make a life changing decision. Imagine for a second that you're standing there, you have just finished walking a long stretch of gravel road and you hit a crossroad where you must make a choice of which turn to take next. This decision will determine the future happiness of not only you but your family too.

You see the two signs which read, happiness road and misery road and you take a look at the two options before you. Misery road is dark and dreary, the ground is badly broken up, over grown trees with vines and thorns infest the grounds on either side of the road and you can see what appears to be a badly beaten and burnt car on the side of the road; perhaps from a crash or explosion. Happiness road is quite a contrast, it is beautifully lit from the light of the sun breaking over the horizon. The road is smooth and well laid, and on either side of this road are fields of beautiful flowers and grass.
Which road would you take?

Perhaps standing at your crossroad in life, the choice doesn't seem to be as obvious or clear. Perhaps misery road actually looks quite nice and more enticing. Whatever the case, eventually we must make our choice. Heavenly Father has given us the directions to get back to him. The choice can be clear but it was a gift from God that we have the freedom, to choose for ourselves what direction we take in life.

May we always remember, that no matter how far down the wrong path we may find ourselves, that it is always possible to turn around and make a safe return back to the crossroad through the help of our Savior Jesus Christ.  There, we can make a new choice to follow the path that leads to true happiness and back to our Heavenly father.

2 Nephi 2:27

The song for today's blog is one of the first songs I wrote with the guitar when I was 15. Its all about making choices and knowing that you can always turn around and start again.
The recording is a rough live recording.

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  1. Hi Sister Jenna Walmsley

    Your Dad has given me this link to your mission page so I thought I would pop over and say hello.

    I hope you are enjoying London - my first 10 years were spent very happily there and my husband and I were sealed in the London Temple. It's a special place!

    Your Dad taught me the gospel here in Ireland in 1983 - I'm sure you will be as great a missionary as he was.

    YOUR SONGS ARE LOVELY!!! I especially like 'Daisies in My Hair'. I'm sure you will bless a lot of people with your mission and your music.

    At the moment I am following 4 missionaries and am enjoying seeing them grow and learn and meet the many challenges they face with good humour and faith. I wish you all of the same joy for your mission that I see in them.

    Every good wish, Sister Jenna Walmsley. Hugs from Ireland. Sharon O'Brien Allen