Power of a Simple Prayer

I remember as a child, how much faith and trust I had that my Heavenly Father heard and answered my prayers. On one occasion, I remember being quite upset after losing my brand new wallet and birthday money. I had spent what seemed forever looking for it and with disappointment and an attitude of defeat, I slumped up on the couch. The situation seemed practically hopeless to a little six year old. My mother seeing that I was rather dismayed suggested that I try saying a prayer to ask for help, to which my response was one of "oh of course! Why didn't I think of that?" Off I went to my room where I knelt down next to my bed to offer a simple child's prayer. To my great delight within minutes of ending it, my prayer was answered as I opened my eyes and saw hiding in the corner under my bed, my wallet.

16 Years Later..
One of the greatest blessing Heavenly Father has given us, is the ability to communicate with him one on one through prayer. I have truly witnessed throughout my life, growing up and especially now serving a mission, numerous miracle as a result of a simple prayer in faith. I have felt Gods hand ever present in my life as I have sought guidance and direction in my decisions. God is very aware of our individual circumstances and we don't have to cry out to him with many words for him to hear and understand the pleas of our hearts and for him to reach out to us in love. He knows the desires of our hearts before we even ask him, but he has made it obligatory that we pray to him and ask that we may receive, knock that it may be opened unto us and seek that we may find (Matthew 7:7).

So what shall we do if we have neglected to pray? If it has been a while since you have knelt down and prayed to your Heavenly Father, please don't feel like its too late to cry out to him. It all just begins with getting on your knees and just starting with a simple prayer. Turn to the Lord in humility and forsake anything that is holding you back from receiving the intelligence, light and direction that you are seeking. He loves you and wants to bless you. Do not deprive yourself from the bountiful blessings that can come daily in our lives through prayer.  I know that the power of prayer is real!

The featured song in this blog, is a song I wrote while serving in England about turning to our Heavenly Father through Prayer.. 

Waiting in Line 

By Jenna Walmsley
Verse 1
What do you say
When you're down on your knees
In a moment like this
When you're hurting

I know I've neglected to call you
And I may not deserve your reply
But Father I need of your love
To help through the night
So here I go

Will you please take the time
I'm waiting in line
Hoping you'll hear me cry
I'm pleading tonight
I'm desperate to know
Of where I should go
And if you're by my side

Verse 2
How do you start
When its taken a while
For your heart to discern
The things on your mind

Pre Chorus
Maybe this prayer will be left here
But I'm ready to take the first step
To follow your son on the right road
The promise I make will be kept
So here I go

Chorus x 2
I'm starting to feel
That your love is real
And that your by my side